Project Description

Project Description


Project is about giving young people a real opportunity to increase their employability with a view to sustainable labour market integration, thus boosting overall youth employment rates.

That’s why projects assume close cooperation with youth representatives, youth workers and employers in partners’ countries to define common but more important effective tools in digital skills.

The problem that has been defined by the project partners during their daily activities was lack of interdisciplinary skills related with management – taking into account the professional and also private life. It is caused by lack proper education (early school leavers) lack of motivation and vocational guidance. To prove the necessity of the project aim all partners prepared the research – by contacting the youth groups from the local area.

The defined by the consortium set of skills will help the young people to manage their career effectively – despite of the sector and occupation. The international character of the project activities will improve the national experiences and existing practices and will be the first step to the closer international cooperation.

General aim of the project is to create opportunities of cooperation aiming youth trainers, VET providers and employers in order to define 3 aspects of the digital competences in security:

  1. Assessment tool for youngsters – which can be used as a self-assessment for young people or assessment tool for trainers or future employers.
  2. Basic training programme and supporting materials for youth workers/trainers – with the introduction of innovative system of recognition and validation of learning outcomes. (VCC system).
  3. Apprenticeship model in digital competences – defined together with representatives of employers that will assure link from self-assessment via training model towards apprenticeship and employment.

What is more project is based on 1 of the key competences identified in the framework of lifelong learning – such as entrepreneurship.

The Target group includes:

  1. Youth, especially at risk of social exclusion and unemployed.
  2. Youth workers, trainers
  3. Employers