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                VCC Foundation undertakes and conducts research and development activities within vocational education as well as transferring knowledge and innovation by using intellectual capital resources. Activity of VCC Foundation focuses on theoretical and methodological aspects of continuing vocational education as well as certifying professional qualifications, especially in the informal and non-formal systems.

The VCC Foundation monitors, compares, and analyses data from the labour market, updates the needs of the individual regions in Europe, and indicates employment possibilities based on individual competences.

The complex monitoring of the changes within the European labour market, as conducted by the VCC Foundation, analyses data about the types of employment on the labour market of individual European Union countries, and their neighbouring countries. Data comes from many different sources, including public employment institutions, job agencies, portals, governmental administration offices, independent studies, national statistic offices, companies’ needs analyses and other research.

Thanks to the VCC Foundation’s research, a training profile which matches employers’ requirements and the requirements of people interested in gaining new abilities has been created. The certification system takes into account modern market trends as well as the requirements of particular trades, and focuses on vocational competences, trade language, computer competences, and psychological competences.

Wide research analysis allows for the creation of tools, which can be used in European Union programs concerning professional mobility, and European education will be able to reach a higher level.

A uniform and consistent system of certifying professional qualifications, i.e. a VCC certification system, results from Foundation’s work. VCC Foundation is a promoter of lifelong learning, continuing education and occupational mobility of employees. By organizing consultations, conferences or social debates, it directly develops, promotes and popularizes them.

The main tasks of VCC Foundation:

  • monitoring needs of the global labour market,
  • monitoring the demand for new professions and competences,
  • specifying professional competences for new professions,
  • testing and implementing new solutions implemented within vocational education,
  • indicating directions for and methods of vocational education,
  • certifying professional competences in a uniform way compliant with national and European directives within this scope.

The VCC Foundation prepares also a training courses and educational materials supporting the area of professional advisory and career guidance. The organisation has an experience in certifying advisors who work with pupils, students, unemployed people and youngsters. The Foundation participates also in a national project concerning preparation of tools for professional advisors to support they work with students.

As part of Foundation activities the VCC team has developed and implemented a system of VCC (Vocational Competence Certificate), which provides a uniform system of education and certification of professional competence. VCC idea was created for the interaction and integration of knowledge and skills with the needs of businesses in the international labor market.

The system is divided into 3 areas:

  1. Prepare for a new profession – New Competences
  2. Supplement or update competencies – Select Competences
  3. External certification of competences is not included in these two areas.

The developed system has been operating since 2007, since that time issued more than 7 000 certificates in the area of vocational training, which were released after the completion of more than 250 000 hours of training.

Examinations are performed using the platform of the examination – in addition to the functionality of the implementation of the exams it has the features and capabilities of delivering training in the form of eLearning.

The VCC portfolio of products includes over 80 courses developed areas comprehensively, such as: training programs, educational materials, syllabi, exams and certificates.

The VCC Foundation Experience:

– 80 developed complete learning paths in 80 vocations,

– 7000 completed exams and certificates issued,

– As part of an ongoing project:

– the development of the 194 videos demonstrating professional activities in line with the classification of occupations by the National Ministry of Education.

– Development and implementation of a CRM system VCC, implementing communication in a network of over 50 partners VCC Foundation. The system meets the need not only communication but also a tool that supports the process of procurement and implementation services.




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