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              Eduforma is a VET. Founded in 2003, was born as a company that has for object the drafting, marketing, organization and delivery of training interventions, information and professional guidance.  The  structure  has  always  favored  the  monitoring  of  human  resources  in companies, starting with an analysis of employees, instead of the organization, and was one of the first in Veneto to introduce skills assessment logic and rewarding systems. Eduforma offers training and management consulting services; it is specialized in the development of human resources, increasing people’s skills to face professional problems concerning their specific competences in the company where they work. Concentrating on the continuous improvement of business organization, Eduforma helps the management making strategic choices, from the analysis of needs to the intervention planning, from their accomplishment to the analysis of the results. Eduforma pursues its missions supporting organizations in increasing their manager’s decision-making skills, responsibility, ability to manage emergencies and the development of teamwork. Eduforma is also involved in the production, import and marketing of software and ICT solutions. Coherently  with  its  values,  Eduforma  has  adopted  the  quality  management  system  in compliance with the regulation ISO 9001:2008. The achievement of this Certification is for Eduforma an essential instrument to head, control and manage the company. Part of the consolidation and development philosophy, whose primary essence is customer satisfaction, is planning the path leading to a complete quality and share it with the whole company team. Eduforma supports companies to comply with the rules of the Italian Legislative Decree n. 231/2001 “Corporate social responsibility” through the adoption of a corporate Organizational Model which ensures to the business customers through: the monitoring of the activities, the mapping of business areas at risk of committing corporate crimes, the processing behavioral models, the establishment of a supervisory body in charge of monitoring the functioning and observance of the models.

Currently Eduforma, accredited by the Veneto Region for Lifelong Learning interventions, as well as for Guidance Services and Labour, has an important and prestigious portfolio of clients and a significant presence in various locations nationwide. Our team is specialized in the drafting and management of projects financed by the ESF and the EU. We are specialized in corporate restructuring and corporate training, adult and youth training, HR and employment services. We are an active member of CONFLAVORO PMI ITALIA, the association of Italian SMEs. Eduforma offers to SMEs and Social Enterprise the following services:

  • MANAGERIAL CONSULTANCY: HR Outsourcing, Organizational analysis, Project Management, Business strategy & development, Business model, Business planning, Temporary management;
  • PERSONAL & CORPORATE COACHING: Goal definition, Priority, time, stress and change management, Getting out damaging habits, Motivation strengthening, Overcoming limiting convincement, Mood and emotion supervision, Communication improvement;
  • CORPORATE TRAINING: Analysis  of  the  training  needs,  Annual  Training  Plan, Planning of aimed training actions, Identification of financing for training, Final control and assessment of the action effectiveness.

Eduforma is a VET accredited by Veneto Region as provider of Lifelong Learning and VET interventions, as well as for Guidance Labour Services. It drafts, coordinates and manages training projects funded by the Veneto Region (through the ESF and the ERDF), and also targeted to youth; In the last year, Eduforma was accredited as “Youth Corner” to implement the European Plan “Youth Guarantee”. From 2014 to the beginning of 2016, Eduforma has implemented 35 Youth Guarantee projects involving almost 350 young NEETs, hence the possibility of direct access to target group in the region. Youth Guarantee interventions, among other actions, also promote self-employment and entrepreneurship. Eduforma has many management and entrepreneurial training experiences; is implementing 3 projects on “self-employment” financed by the Veneto region ESF.




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