Centrul pentru Strategii de Dezvoltare a Tineretului

Center of Strategies for Youth Development


Partner organization

Center of Strategies for Youth Development is an association actively involved in project development and implementation in the local, national and international non-formal education sphere, that directly aims at personal and professional youth development.

The Center of Strategies for Youth Development’s vision is of a world in which formal education additionally soaks with the non-formal and informal education methods to contribute to the development and accountability processes of the youth. We believe that the vision is achievable only through designing and implementing strategies meant to develop the personal and professional abilities of the youth, both in a formal, academic environment and in a non-formal one.

Our mission is to continuously transform the community through the development of young, responsible leaders and a mentality oriented towards proactivity, involvement and action.

Our office is inside Timisoara Youth House which is also our most important partner and one of the seven European Youth Centers that have the Label of Quality Accreditation from the Council of Europe.

The programs and activities organized by the Center of Strategies for Youth Development range from human rights education, youth policy development, cultural activities, personal and professional development of youth, leadership programmes.

Our wide range of partners makes us the perfect solution for implementing international projects and also for collaborating with other international organizations helping them implement their own initiatives.

In order to achieve the Center of Strategies for Youth Development’s goal, we propose a series of activities and objectives:

– implementing educational programs for youths;

– developing volunteering projects for youths;

– forming local, national and international partnerships meant to cooperate to achieve experience exchanges meant to contribute to the personal and professional development of the youths involved;

– holding international exchanges of youths;

– providing consultancy to the youths which wish to conceive projects which have common goals with CSYD;

– organizing both national and international youth camps;

– developing educational resources which can be used as teaching materials in youth development processes;

– organizing activities which aim to increase youth chances of being employed;

– implementing projects which aim to educate and train adults;

– promoting and involving in cultural activities which aim to promote local, national and European patrimony;

– organizing cultural and artistic events;

– supporting intercultural events through youth involvement in such initiatives;

– organizing projects and lectures which aim to develop organizational capacities of youth associations;

– holding charitable events;

– involvement in volunteering activities with social purposes

We try to build complex personal, professional and social development opportunities for youth; promote social, cultural, educational and economical youth interests; promote civic responsibility and social awareness; volunteer locally and internationally; develop leadership skills; network with service-minded people worldwide and provide training courses, seminars, conferences, public debates, and camps for young people.


Website: www.csdt.ro

Email: programe.csdt@outlook.com

Telephone: +40751221926