First Project Meeting

Project: “Young managers of the effective career development”
First Transnational meeting – 25-26 January 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria

№ 2016-2-BG01-KA205-023931 under the Erasmus + Program

On the 25th and 26th of January 2017, all the partners of the international consortium of the YMEC project were present in Sofia, Bulgaria to attend the kick-off meeting of the YMEC KA2 Project.


The responsible for organization of the meeting was TEZA Ltd. – project coordinator. There were 4 partner organizations from four countries: Active Youth- Lithuania; CENTER OF STRATEGIES FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT- Romania; Fundacja VCC- Poland; EDUFORMA SRL – Italy.

The main objective of the project is development, testing, validation and dissemination of these innovative products:

– Assessment tool for youngsters – which can be used as a self-assessment for young people or assessment tool for trainers or future employers.

–  Basic training programme and supporting materials for youth workers/trainers – with the introduction of innovative system of recognition and validation of learning outcomes. (VCC system).

–  Apprenticeship model in digital competences – defined together with representatives of employers that will assure link from self-assessment via training model towards apprenticeship and employment.

– Online platform – Integrated module for exchange of information among target groups-young people, youth workers and employers.

Participants in the meeting were acquainted with main activities of their organizations, discussed key points in the project over the next two years. Methods of management, communication, monitoring and evaluation, risk management, dissemination and exploitation of results were discussed and adopted.

The core team for implementation of the project was determinate and details about the work stages and specific tasks of any organization were considered. Deadlines and milestones were set up in the implementation of actions to help implement effective and sustainable realization of the project, defined as activities and expected results for the period until the next international meeting on the project during the month of October 2017 in Lithuania.

The meeting has placed a very good start of successful working partnership.


The agenda of the meeting included:

24.01.2017 (Thuesday)
Arrival of participants

25.01.2016 (Wednesday)
10.00 – Welcoming and introduction
10.15 – Presentation of organizations 11.00 – Reviewing the application / discussion on suggestions for the next project
11.30 – Coffee break
11.45 – Adoption of working program and dynamics of the project activities
12.00 – Appointment of national coordination of project of each of the partners / Appointment of responsible persons for management of finances
12.30 – Lunch
13.00 – Adoption of instruments for monitoring and measurement of the achievements of the project
14.30 – Main rules- management, financial responsibilities, dissemination of results
15.00 – Objectives, tasks, results, methods, budget, roles and responsibilities
15.45 – Coffee break
16.00 – Establishment of the time frame and dynamics for realization of project activities
16.30 – Discussion / Working materials / Guidance/ Online platform
17:00 – Closing the meeting

26.01.2017 (Thursday)
10.00 – Welcoming and introduction
10.15 – Adoption of decision on tasks and responsibilities of the participants in the project
11.00 – IO1 Assessment tool for youth skills in management – aims and tasks
11.30 – Coffee break
11.45 – Establishment of the criteria for selection of trainers that will be involved in realization of the project
12.30 – Lunch
14.00 – Determination of criteria for selections of participants (training course for youth workers C1- Shortterm joint staff training events) that will be covered by project
14.30 – Adoption of decision on drafting reports for performed project activities
15.00 – Coffee break
15.15 – Other relevant issues
16:00 – Closing the meeting

27.01.2017 (Friday)
Departure of participants